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Mini Moss.

November 14, 2011

Lottie Moss, Kate Moss’s younger sister, drew a lot of attention last summer at Kate’s wedding. Standing out from a crowd of 15 bridesmaids Lottie managed to get several modeling agents drooling. Her mother firmly stated she wasn’t ready to enter the industry yet. “She’s too young. When she’s old enough it will be her decision.”  It would seem, at just thirteen (yes one -three, 13!) shes now old enough…

What appear to be images from test shoot of Lottie by photographer Andrea Carter Bowman have recently turned up on There is no agency credited, which means that Lottie most likely still hasn’t been signed. But as you can see in the pictures, it probably won’t be long before she is. She has that familiar Moss edge, that rock and roll sensibility and chameleon like face.

I think the search for the ‘next Kate Moss‘ just got a whole lot easier.

Images via ‘the cut.’

OX Belle.

It’s a hell of a town!

November 14, 2011

So here i am! In New York city trying to make something of myself. Been here three weeks officially today and hoping its all onwards and upwards from here. Its been tough settling in, mad property markets and endless dull moving-your-entire-life related tasks. Most of them out of the way now and im onto the job hunt! Fingers crossed everyone….no income means no shopping and with the likes of these beautiful people hanging around i don’t know how long that can last….Check out these stylist New Yorkers turning me green with envy!

Would love if i got snapped looking like any of these guys…Keep an eye out for me Bill!

Images via The Sartorialist, StreetPeeper, Elle and Streetscn.

OX Belle

Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

September 28, 2011

So it’s getting closer and closer. Three weeks closer to be exact! The times they are a changing…and perhaps my hair should too…

So this is my favourite, the ‘Ombré‘ or balayage as my friend so defiantly argues. Plus if i got bored (or more daring) it could transform into this…

A nod to, but not as MAD as, thakoon spring 2012…

I like the funky cut on this…but without the spinning creature or the red eyeshdow…

Very daring, and definitly does say ‘look at me’ redheads are still having a moment. Bandwagon?

And the classic all time favourite is the ‘Veronica Lake’ seriously stylish. I wish i could do this..and i wish i could do blonde. Sigh.

Not really a fan of the rat dress though…always a downside!

All images via my tumblr.

OX Belle

1st of September

September 1, 2011

Today is the first of September. This day will forever be about going back to school. Swearing this year will be different – you will do your homework as soon as you get home, you wont be late everyday and of course this year you will manage to make cheap acrylic and tartan look good. That unmistakable feeling of itchy wool jumpers and squeaky news shoes seems like decades ago…but the idea that this year will be different remains.
The thoughts of moving country and indeed changing jobs has me all excited (and frankly terrified) that its time for a new me. What will my new work ‘uniform’ consist of ? Im on a fashion diet at the moment, due to being severely restricted by suitcase weight. I already don’t have room for the stuff i own, never mind stuff i want to buy…plus shockingly they do have shops in New York.
By the time i get there i will be bursting with shopping energy…here are some looks i would love to get hold of…

Think i saw this jumper in Zara (what i was just looking!) NEED

CANT wait to get a bike (doubt i will look this chic though!!)

Bare legs might be optimistic but in school i survived on just socks…

OX Belle

P.S. Happy 20th anniversary to old my old school (literally) buddies <3

Everybodies going surfing!

September 1, 2011

Well me and my friends to be precise! Headed off week after next and im so excited!

Martha Streck by Greg Kadel for Vogue Spain June 2011

Elle UK July 2011 photographer:  Enrique Badulescu, model: Erin Heatherton, stylist: Anne-Marie Curtis

Erin Heatherton by Rennio Maifredi for Marie Claire Italia June 2010

Alana Zimmer by Max Abadian for Flare June 2010

Fabiana Semprebom by Dimitris Skoulos for Elle Greece May 2010

These images may lead you to believe im going to Essaouira or Cali on this surf trip but im not. Im heading to ….Bundoran, still a girl can dream!

OX Belle

Images – hardtoexplain79, Oracle Fox, Weheartit, weliveyoung and Fashion

Fashion fabulosity

July 12, 2011

Seeing the trend reports begin to appear is always an exciting time for any fashion spectator. It also means there’s a new set of rules, tools and threads to suss over. The arrival of a new season  (i use the term ‘season’ purely in a fashion context as the weather clearly has not been informed that it is actually summer) had me inevitably think over the last. What trends and taboos and what i wore and what ones i didn’t get too.

Spring/summer trends 2011 stick out particularly well as a few weeks back i had one of the most fun days in work when i was handed a credit card and asked to be a stylist for a day! My mission was to style four looks for the Diet Coke mini festival of fabulosity! I was given a budget and asked to shop on the high street. Creating looks that referenced the seasons trends and popular celebrity styles crushes, whilst still being attainable for the average 18 -24 year old… here’s my mood boards for my top four trends!

TREND ONE - ‘Colour Block’

My Colour Block trend advice :

Despite its somewhat overwhelming appearance this is one of the most assessable trends of the season. Pick out your most colourful clobber and wear it all at once! For everyday you can tone this look down with neutrals or denim. For night you can go all out adding bangles and belts. Stripes can also be a simple way of referencing the colour block look.

Celeb Inspiration – Rihanna is loud and proud in whatever she wears. Her daring look is colour from her lips to her legs.

Designer Inspiration – Prada, Jill Sander, Lanvin and Gucci have based their entire Spring/Summer collections on colour blocking.

YES – Be brave and bold! the stronger the  splashes of colour are the better!

NO – Pastels and prints, keep the look strong and statement!

Where to buy – Zara, H&M, Penneys and River Island.

One last touch – Wear with a splash of fushia lipsick and sky high heels for a truely Rihanna look!

TWO – ‘Gyspy Rocker’

My ‘Gyspy Rocker’ trend advice:

For this look soft girly dresses are mixed with tough leather jackets. Vintage inspired jewellery and summer tea dress are made ultra trendy with a with a nod to this seasons floral and pocadot prints. Bare legs and boots are the unlikey summer staple. (plus perfect for unpredictable Irish weather!)

Celeb Inspiration – Alexa Chung. Fashion icon, television presenter and Vogue cover girl. Alexa Chung’s look is all about unlikely combinations.  She loves girly vintage…but has a rockstar boyfriend.

Designer Inspiration – Balmain, Burberry Prorsum, Balenciaga and Jean Paul Gaultier have based their entire Spring/Summer collections on tough leather looks.

YES - Girly/grungy dresses and lad-ish outer layers. Its all about good girl gone bad.

NO - slick, structured tailoring. This look is rock and roll, it has to work from dusk till dawn!   

Where to buy- Topshop, Awear, H&M and ASOS. Plus treasure hunt in your local vintage/ charity shop for one off pieces.

One last touch – Messy hair and winged eyeliner!

THREE – ‘Bright White Light’

My ‘Bright White Light’ trend advice  –

White is the new black! Yep, that’s right this pristine look is one of the most sophisticated trends out there right now so bring out your inner lady and dress her in white!  White on white allows you to on focus on elegant shapes and silhouettes. Go romantic with frills and lace or minimalist with chic tailoring. Accessories can be a great way to make the look truly pop. Use black to create statement monochrome or clash with a very ‘of-the-moment ‘neon.

Celeb Inspiration - Emma Watson –  Actress, Wizard (well kinda) and the new ‘it girl’ of fashion. After cutting her hair and winning the award as ELLE magazine’s ‘style icon’ award last year Emma Watson has truly claimed a place on our fashion radar. Her sophisticated style is all about simple shapes and cuts that allow her natural beauty to shine. Think ladylike layers paired with neutral tones and elegant accessories.

Designer inspiration – Valentino, Givenchy, Christian Dior and Stella McCartney.

Yes – Different fabric and textures. Use beading, lace and pleats to keep this look fashion !

No- Spilling. Yep it’s a tough one!

Where to buy –   Warehouse, Zara, Topshop ASOS

One last touch – Sleek hair and a touch of class!

FOUR – ‘Global Traveler ‘

My Global Traveller trend advice –

Inspired by her travels the global traveller girl uses a mash up of pieces she has collected along the way, from India to Morroco and everywhere in between. Knits and embellishment, scarves. neon, tribal and animal print all live alongside each other in this diverse look. Perfect for summer adventures, especially when it comes to festivals!

Celeb Inspiration: Mary-Kate Olsen. Actress, entrepreneur & kooky fashion kid. Mary-Kate has a style as unique as her life! Clothes collected from many people and places, new and old. are layered over her fashionista figure. She perfectly encapsulates the eclectic global traveler trend.

Designer Inspiration - Paul Smith, Givenchy and Kenzo have based their entire Spring/Summer collections on tribal prints and shapes.

YES – Bold, futuristic prints and splashes of accent colour are combined to create the ultimate ‘global traveler’ look.

NO – Not much really! with this look pretty much anything goes, more is more!

Where to buy – Zara, Forever 21, H&M and Topshop. Also check out markets and keep an eye out on holiday for some one-of-a-kind pieces.

One last touch – Wear with a beach babe curls and a boho headband!

OX Belle

Bona – fide hit.

July 12, 2011

Thanks to bleach black i just found some of the most drool worthy jewellery ive seen in a long time. check it out – Bona Drag.

UNEARTHEN, Large prism ring, $300.00

UNEARTHEN,Crystal Bullet necklace, $310.00
PAMELA LOVE, Arrowhead bracelet, $1564.00
IOSSELLIANI, Black Zircon Ring, $420.00
BLACK SHEEP & PRODIGAL SONS, Aikea Guinea ring, $900.00
OX Belle

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